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This Brumaroma is 50ml and highly concentrated. Just add a few drops to the water in the bowl of a humidifier or mist blower and they will spread their aroma throughout the room.

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The aroma of Jasmine fills the home with a delicate and soft floral scent. This Brumaroma has 50ml and is highly concentrated. You just have to add a few drops in water from the bucket of a humidifier or fogger and they will diffuse their aroma throughout the room. They are specially created so as not to damage or interfere with the proper functioning of humidifiers or foggers, aroma diffusers that help improve the environment by regulating and increasing humidity. The oils and components of the essences end up impregnating and damaging them, but the Brumaroma guarantees the correct use of the humidifier and, above all, that it does not deteriorate. This classic fragrance is obtained from the flower of the garden, a flower with a captivating and intoxicating scent, velvety, very intense. In aromatherapy, Jasmine stands out for its innumerable relaxing properties, since it transports us and puts us in contact with nature. Jasmine brings back memories of kindergartens and helps us generate positive thoughts. In any space, this aroma creates environments that stand out for its warmth and natural notes. Jasmine aromatization has calming properties. Characteristics: Intense and slightly sweet floral notes.