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  • Silk scarves

    Why silk?

    Silk has traditionally been valued for its soft feel and the beauty of its natural shine.

    But it is also a highly breathable and a warm material when its in contact with skin. Silk has the special characteristic of being a very bad electricity conductor, so it generates heat in direct contact with our skin because the electricity of our body.This is the reason to be recommended for throat problems and sored neck.

    Its very small size and light weight make it the perfect scarf to wear on the bag!

  • Traditional clothing

    Silk has always been present in traditional clothing, especially at the costumes for the most special celebrations, being used in brocades, shawls, scarves and all kinds of ornaments ...

  • Men collection
  • cashmere wool

    For three hundred years, this cloud-soft fabric has been one of the universal symbols of comfort and style. Cashmere wool is goat wool, and it is a soft wool that can be spun very fine, resulting in an extraordinarily warm, yet light, soft and very comfortable scarf. It is a scarce wool. valued and very difficult to find. We know you will fall in love!