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Silk has always been present in traditional clothing, especially at the costumes for the most special celebrations, being used in brocades, shawls, scarves and all kinds of ornaments ...

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    The origin of the square silk scarf for clothing must be sought, like other garments, uses and customs, in the Mudejar tradition, since, according to the Great Aragonese Encyclopedia, the cachirulo or coronary scarf undoubtedly has a Muslim origin and was preserved, until the 17th century, by the Moors who had the custom of protecting their heads with square pieces of linen.

  • SILK SHAWLS 145X145cm

    The shawl has been one of the main adornments of traditional Spanish clothing for several centuries. Silk shawls were worn mainly on the dates indicated, and their acquisition was reserved for the wealthiest families, since silk was scarce for many years, and could only be purchased from the galleons that arrived from Asia once or twice a year. .

    The first shawls, until printing was developed, were worked by hand on looms and embroidered by hand.

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